Baking Aids and Egg Replacers

Those who believe, cakes or cookies without egg or animal milk products aren't possible, have never tried a truly brilliant vegan cake. With our carefully selected products and helpful tips, everyone can create a sweet vegan delight, which will have even omnivores asking for seconds. For DIY bakers with allergies - gluten and lactose free, of course!
Product picture Locust Bean Gum
Locust Bean Gum, 65g ORGANIC, Available for immediate shipping
Locust bean gum is a natural vegetable binder and thickener. It can be used instead of flour, starch or egg yolk.
3.99 EUR
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Product picture Kuzu
Kuzu, 125g ORGANIC, Available for immediate shipping
The Kuzu plant that grows in China, Japan, Taiwan and India. The root is used to produce a valued starch which gives food a thick consistency and silvery sheen. Ideal for use in soups, sauces, desserts and cake fillings!
8.99 EUR
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Product picture Vitam Yeast Extract
Vitam Yeast Extract, 125g Currently not available
Yeast extract adds flavor to sauces and soups and spreads. Get a great recipe for vegan gravy!
4.99 EUR
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