Plant-Based Sausage Substitutes

Vegan sausages, cold meats or meaty snacks for the small hunger: Our sausage alternatives, without meat and animal based ingredients, shine through with their authentic bite and taste.
Product picture Vegan Sausages
All you need to make your next barbeque a success: Vegan sausage alternatives made with select raw materials, prepared with love, seasoned and smoked. Even omnivores will come back for seconds! - By the way - cholesterol free and low in fat - the new way of grilling.
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Product picture Vegan Deli Slices
Vegourmet deli slices - for the connoisseurs in a hurry. Attractively presented, delicately sliced. From salami style to Bologna style sausage with peppers - something for every taste!
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Product picture Vegan Whole Sausages
Large vegetarian sausages: there is something for every taste!
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Product picture Snack Sausages
For a quick snack! The vegan cold kitchen has two advantages: Light, because they are low in fat, and they keep well, because they are plant-based.
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What our customers say about us
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien
Mag. Thomas Winger MBA, Wien Companies such as VEGANVERSAND are essential for „Veggies “in „normalo “ occupations, as an efficient source of cruelty free foods which can be relied upon. When those companies are operated by such endearing humans, then one gladly shops from them. Thomas works internationally as a business consultant and is the founder of United Creatures.
Did you know?

The transport of the packages takes place with environmentally friendly methods: We use DHL GoGreen. The packages in Austria are transported CO2-neutral.